In the demanding environment of tobacco packaging facilities, reliability, high-resolution printing, and efficient maintenance procedures are paramount. BT Print offers a range of advantages tailored to meet the specific needs of this industry:

By leveraging our IP65-rated printers, reliable maintenance features, and high-resolution printing capabilities, BT Print provides tobacco packaging facilities with efficient and cost-effective coding and marking solutions that meet their stringent requirements.

Here are our advantages tailored to meet the unique needs of this industry :

IP65 Rated

Our printers are designed to withstand the challenging conditions of tobacco packaging facilities. With an IP65 rating, our printers are dustproof and waterproof, ensuring reliable performance even in dusty surroundings. Positive air pressure prevents dust contamination and clogging of the printhead, while waterproof construction simplifies cleaning during routine maintenance.

Reliability and Low Maintenance Requirements

We understand the importance of reliability and minimal downtime in tobacco packaging operations. Our printers are equipped with features like automated nozzle cleaning, easy-to-understand error diagnostics, and automated shutdown procedures to reduce maintenance requirements and keep the printers running reliably. In the rare event of a breakdown, our comprehensive network of service engineers ensures prompt resolution to minimize downtime.

High Uptime Solutions

Our after-sale training programs focus on preventive maintenance to minimize breakdowns and maximize uptime, allowing tobacco packaging facilities to maintain smooth operations and meet production targets consistently.

Solutions by application

Boxes and Cartons

Printing large amounts of information on a small area, such as complex data matrix codes, can be challenging. Our range of high-resolution printers is capable of producing clear and legible codes on cartons, ensuring compliance with traceability requirements and enabling accurate tracking throughout the supply chain.

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Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging presents unique challenges, including the risk of smudged prints on laminated and non-porous surfaces, especially at high line speeds. BT Print offers a wide selection of printing technologies and inks designed to address these challenges, ensuring clear and reliable codes even on fast-moving production lines.

CIJ Printer

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