Cosmetics and Personal Care

Cosmetics and Personal Care

In the rapidly growing cosmetics and personal care industry, where packaging plays a pivotal role in consumer appeal and brand recognition, investing in reliable coding and labeling technologies is crucial.

By offering overspill-resistant inks, high-quality print capabilities, versatility in application, and compliance with regulatory standards, we empower cosmetics and personal care manufacturers to create appealing packaging that not only grabs consumer attention but also meets industry requirements for traceability and consumer protection.

Here are our advantages tailored to meet the unique needs of this industry :

Overspill-Resistant Inks

Specialized Formulations

We offer a range of inks specifically designed to resist overspill, ensuring durability and legibility even on products like soaps and alcohol-based hand sanitizers. These inks are formulated to maintain print quality and readability, even in challenging environments.

High-Quality Print

Industry-Leading Print Resolution

Our printers boast industry-leading print resolution, enabling the production of high-quality codes that seamlessly integrate with product packaging and branding artwork. This ensures that the printed information enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the packaging, rather than detracting from it.

Versatile Application

Compatibility with Various Package Shapes and Sizes

Our coding and labeling technologies are designed to accommodate the diverse range of package shapes and sizes prevalent in the cosmetics and personal care industry. Whether it's bottles, jars, tubes, or sachets, our solutions offer reliable and legible printing on any surface.

Compliance and Traceability

Meeting Regulatory Requirements

With more stringent consumer protection laws and traceability requirements, our solutions enable manufacturers to print the necessary information to comply with regulatory standards while maintaining product integrity and consumer safety.


In today's competitive retail landscape, packaging plays a critical role in capturing consumer attention and driving purchase decisions. BT Print offers discreet and sharp coding solutions tailored to fit small spaces while meeting all statutory requirements, empowering brands to stand out on crowded shelves. Here's how we address the unique challenges of rigid plastic containers and flexible packaging:

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Rigid Plastic Containers

CIJ Printer


Wide Range of Specialty Inks

Our selection includes specialty inks formulated to bond effectively with rigid HDPE and PP plastics, ensuring reliable adhesion and resistance to overspills.

Print Performance:

We can achieve high-quality prints even on highly curved surfaces. Additionally, our printers are capable of bottom-up printing, allowing for precise coding on the bottom of containers.

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Flexible Packaging

By providing a comprehensive range of specialty inks, industry-leading print performance, fast-drying printing technologies, and generic coding solutions, BT Print ensures that brands can achieve crisp, legible codes on both rigid plastic containers and flexible packaging. This empowers manufacturers to maintain compliance, enhance brand visibility, and drive consumer engagement in today's competitive retail environment.

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Fast-Drying Printing Technologies

BT Print offers a variety of fast or instantly drying printing technologies suitable for laminated and non-porous surfaces commonly found in flexible packaging. This prevents smudged prints, even on fast-moving production lines with limited drying time.

Generic Coding Solutions:

Our "generic coding" solutions enable manufacturers to print essential product information, barcodes, logos, ingredient lists, and other details directly onto packaging during production. This eliminates the need to store pre-printed films, streamlining operations and reducing costs.

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For coding on tubes, flow wraps, and aerosol cans, BT Print offers specialized solutions tailored to address the unique challenges of each application:

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Highly Accurate Printers

Through careful calibration, our printers achieve exceptional accuracy, enabling legible prints even in the limited space available on tubes.

Small Footprint Solutions

We offer compact printing solutions designed to integrate seamlessly into production lines, even when space is limited, ensuring efficient and effective coding operations.

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Flow Wraps

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Ink Selection Expertise

BT Print specializes in selecting inks suitable for flow wraps and soap packaging, considering factors such as wax content that may affect ink adhesion.

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Aerosol Cans

By leveraging our industry-leading throw distance, highly accurate printers, and expertise in ink selection, BT Print ensures reliable and high-quality coding solutions for tubes, flow wraps, and aerosol cans. This enables manufacturers to meet their coding requirements efficiently and effectively, even in challenging production environments.

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Industry-Leading Throw Distance

Our CIJ printers feature a allowing for precise printing on the curved surface of aerosol cans, as well as bottom-up printing directly onto the container.

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For sachet applications, BT Print offers tailored solutions to address the specific needs of this packaging format:

By leveraging cost-competitive solutions, specialized handling systems, specialized inks, and small footprint systems, BT Print provides manufacturers with reliable and efficient coding solutions for sachet packaging applications.

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Cost-Competitive Solutions

Our coding solutions are designed to minimize per-code costs, ensuring that manufacturers can maintain competitiveness in the market while meeting their coding requirements.

Specialized Handling Systems

We provide specialized handling systems suitable for printing on multi-lane production lines, ensuring efficient and accurate coding even in high-speed manufacturing environments.

Specialized Inks

BT Print offers a range of specialized inks formulated to print on adhesion-resistant metalized films commonly used in sachet packaging. These inks ensure clear and durable codes, enhancing product traceability and consumer safety.

Small Footprint Systems

Our coding systems feature compact designs, allowing seamless integration into production lines where space is at a premium. This enables manufacturers to optimize floor space while maintaining high efficiency in their operations.

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