As a manufacturer of food products, it is mandatory to put information on the product - manufactured date, Product expiry date, Batch number for traceability and MRP.Product code also helps in identifying the variety, authenticity , and comply with regulatory bodies. Batch coding is the only way to communicate with its end user about the freshness , price and other details which helps to build trust.

Our Solution for Food Industry

High-quality variable coding on Flexi pouches, mono cartons, Bottles

Marking on food packets requires a high precision Batch coding printer capable of printing different height characters for different food packets , MRP, batch number and other regulatory codes. Our printer addresses the industry need through 5 line printing with a variety of ink specially designed for different kind of substrate..We offer a wide range of high-resolution printers to print variable barcodes, QR Codes

Easy start after every long shutdown

Printer comes with an automated printhead cleaning process which ensures a clean start the first time every time. Designed and manufactured for industrial-level robustness, low parts count, and serviceability.

Simplicity - easy to operate

All our BT Print batch coding machines come equipped with a large touchscreen and an intuitive, graphical user interface, making them easy to operate. A capacitive touch screen for an industrial environment with a single start-stop button reduces the training of operators.

IP55 & IP65 rated, industrial-grade Batch Coding machine

IP 55 washdown protection comes as standard in our printer with IP 65 dust protection with our Ci5650 Batch coding machine.

Reliability and low maintenance requirements

Features like automated nozzle cleaning, easy-to-understand error diagnostics, and automated shutdown procedures reduce maintenance requirements and keep the printer running reliably.

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