BT Print printers are renowned for their reliability, robustness, and ability to print accurate, durable date and batch codes on various packaging materials, including flexible film, Tetra Pak cartons, pouches, cups, tubs, and plastic bottles. This versatility ensures that dairy producers can meet coding regulations, minimize costs, and reduce waste effectively.

In the dairy industry, where consumer trends are shifting towards health-conscious yet time-poor preferences, batch printing of dairy products must be adaptable to accommodate a growing range of packaging types. Additionally, the emphasis on cleanliness and the short shelf life of dairy products adds pressure to packaging operations.

With changing packaging designs and an expanding array of product flavors and varieties, dairy producers face increased complexity in production changeovers. This complexity underscores the need for flexible and efficient coding solutions that can seamlessly adapt to evolving production requirements.

Our advantages in this industry

Value Addition

BT Print printers help enhance the value of dairy products by ensuring clear and accurate batch coding, which improves traceability and consumer confidence in product quality.

Improved Traceability

The ability to print batch and date codes efficiently enhances traceability throughout the supply chain, enabling dairy producers to meet regulatory requirements and respond effectively to quality control issues.


BT Print printers are designed to handle a wide range of packaging materials and printing surfaces, providing dairy producers with flexibility in their packaging choices and production processes.


Known for their reliability and robustness, BT Print printers minimize downtime and maintenance requirements, ensuring uninterrupted production and consistent quality output.

By leveraging BT Print Continuous Inkjet printers, dairy producers can streamline their packaging operations, meet regulatory standards, enhance product traceability, and adapt to evolving market trends effectively.

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