In the electronics industry, where coding and marking play a crucial role in parts identification, branding, traceability, and compliance, our solutions are tailored to meet the unique challenges and requirements of this sector:

Our Solution for Electronics Industry

High-Resolution Codes

Complex Code Printing in Small Spaces

Our high-resolution coding solutions are capable of printing complex codes in small spaces, addressing the challenge of limited printing area as devices become increasingly smaller. With precision and clarity, we ensure that critical information is accurately marked on electronic components.

Specialty Inks

Alcohol-Resistant Inks

We offer a range of specialty inks that are specifically formulated to resist alcohol washing, ensuring durability and longevity of the printed codes. This feature is particularly important for components that undergo cleaning processes during manufacturing or assembly.

Inks for Difficult-to-Adhere Substrates

Our specialty inks are suitable for printing on a variety of challenging substrates, including untreated plastic, aluminum, and other difficult-to-adhere materials commonly used in the electronics industry. This ensures reliable adhesion and legibility of the codes on diverse surfaces.

Coding on Secondary Packaging

Generic Coding Solutions

We provide generic coding solutions for printing variable information directly onto secondary packaging, reducing the need for storing pre-printed packages. This approach enhances efficiency and flexibility in production processes, enabling seamless integration and adaptability to changing requirements.

By leveraging our high-resolution coding capabilities, specialty inks, and generic coding solutions, we empower electronics manufacturers to achieve accurate, durable, and compliant coding and marking across a wide range of components and packaging materials.

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