Pipes and Extruded Plastics

Pipes and Extruded Plastics

In the pipes and extruded plastics industry, where regulatory compliance and market demands drive various printing requirements, our solutions are designed to meet these diverse needs effectively

By offering cost-competitive solutions, heat-resistant construction, user-friendly interfaces, durable prints, and a wide range of versatile inks, we provide comprehensive printing solutions tailored to the specific needs of the pipes and extruded plastics industry.

Our Solution for Pipes and Extruded Plastics Industry

Cost-Competitive Solutions

Competitive Pricing and Maintenance Contracts

We offer competitive and stable pricing for consumables, coupled with comprehensive maintenance contracts, to ensure that operating costs remain low and predictable. Our goal is to provide cost-effective solutions that meet your printing needs without compromising quality or reliability.

Heat-Resistant Construction

Reliable Operation in Hot Environments

Our printers are engineered with heat-resistant construction to withstand the high temperatures generated by extruders. This ensures reliable performance and minimizes the risk of damage to sensitive electronics and ink-related issues caused by heat exposure..

User-Friendly Interface

Intuitive, Multilingual Interface

All our machines feature a large touchscreen and an intuitive graphical user interface, supporting both English and major Indian languages. This user-friendly design facilitates ease of operation for workers of all skill levels, reducing the time required for training and maximizing productivity.

IP65 Rated, Dust and Waterproof Construction

Protection Against Contaminants

Our printers are built with IP65 rated, dustproof, and waterproof construction, ensuring protection against external contaminants such as dust and moisture. Positive air pressure inside the machines prevents ink stream contamination and clogging, ensuring uninterrupted operations even in highly humid environments.

Long-Lasting Prints

Durability for Specialized Applications

For applications like drip irrigation pipes that require long-lasting prints, we offer both laser printers and inks formulated for extreme durability. These solutions ensure that prints remain legible and intact for several years, meeting the specific requirements of outdoor and demanding environments.

Wide Ink Range

Versatile Ink Options

Our ink range includes a wide variety of colors for color matching with your brand and artwork. We offer specialty inks formulated to adhere to different types of plastics, including HDPE, PP, PVC, and LLDPE. Additionally, our fade-resistant inks are ideal for outdoor applications, ensuring long-term color vibrancy and visibility.

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