Steel and metal wire

Steel and metal wire

For coding on metal wires, BT Print offers robust, industrial-grade printers designed to produce fine microprints, including those as small as 0.8 mm in size. Recognizing the competitive nature of markets, BT Print focuses on providing cost-effective coding solutions that minimize unplanned downtime.

When coding on metal wires, issues related to coating on galvanized and stainless steel wires can affect ink adhesion. However, BT Print addresses these challenges by offering proven inks and leveraging their expertise to meet all application requirements effectively.

By providing reliable printers and specialized inks, BT Print ensures that manufacturers can achieve precise and durable coding on metal wires, enhancing traceability and compliance while maintaining operational efficiency and minimizing costs.

Our advantages in this industry

For coding on wires in industrial settings, BT Print offers industrial-grade printers specifically designed to operate reliably in very hot environments. These printers ensure consistent performance even in challenging conditions, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.

To accommodate the high-volume production of wire extrusion lines, BT Print provides multi-head installations capable of coding 30 to 40 strands simultaneously. This approach optimizes throughput and minimizes downtime, maximizing operational efficiency.

BT Print is committed to delivering cost-competitive solutions, leveraging its extensive range of locally manufactured printing machines. This allows manufacturers to achieve their coding requirements while minimizing costs and maximizing return on investment.

With micro printing solutions capable of achieving print heights as small as 0.8 mm, BT Print ensures precise and legible coding even on very small wire diameters. This level of precision enhances traceability and compliance, meeting regulatory requirements effectively.

Moreover, BT Print offers pigmented inks that provide superb adhesion and contrast on both light and dark materials. These inks enhance readability and durability, ensuring that codes remain clear and legible throughout the product lifecycle.

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