Other Steel Products

Other Steel Products

By leveraging these advanced coding and marking solutions, manufacturers can effectively code ingots and billets with logos and product information, ensuring traceability, quality assurance, and compliance with industry standards.

Printing logos and relevant product information on steel, PP, and PET straps as well as roofing sheets requires careful consideration of printing technology, ink selection, and installation setup to ensure optimal performance and print quality. Here's how we address these requirements:

Ingots and billets

Ingots and billets are essential components in various industrial processes, and accurate coding with logos and relevant product information is crucial for traceability and quality control. Printing on ingots and billets presents unique challenges due to the high temperatures and rugged environments typically encountered in metal production facilities.

To address these challenges, advanced coding and marking solutions tailored specifically for ingots and billets are necessary. These solutions should offer:

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Industrial-Grade Printers

Robust printers designed to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh operating conditions commonly found in metal production environments.

IP65 Rating

Dustproof and waterproof printers with positive air pressure systems to prevent contamination of the ink stream and printhead, ensuring reliable performance and minimizing maintenance requirements.

Integrated Handling Systems

Specialized handling systems that accommodate multi-head printer arrays for printing multiple lines with sufficient height on ingots and billets. These systems ensure precise and consistent printing results, even on irregular surfaces.

Wide Range of Specialty Inks

Heat-resistant inks specifically formulated to adhere to metal surfaces coated with hot oil, providing durable and legible codes that withstand challenging operating conditions.

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Steel Straps

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Synchronization with Strapping Machines

Our printers are carefully synchronized with strapping machines to match their start/stop motion, ensuring accurate and consistent printing on the steel straps.

Expert Consultation

Our product specialists provide tailored advice and solutions for integrating printers onto strapping lines, ensuring seamless operation and optimal print quality.

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Roofing Sheets

By leveraging our expertise in printing technology, ink formulations, and installation setup, we ensure successful integration and optimal performance of printers for printing logos and product information on steel straps and roofing sheets. Our solutions are designed to meet the specific requirements of each application, delivering reliable and high-quality printing results.

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Printing Technology and Inks

High-Speed Printing

We offer high-speed printers capable of printing 5 drop and 50 dpi, up to 9.8 m/s, ensuring efficient production on roofing sheet lines.

Ink Selection

Our wide range of specialty inks includes formulations designed to maintain contrast and clarity even when exposed to sunlight and other elements, ensuring durable and legible prints on roofing sheets.

Suitable for Irregular Shapes

Our printers are equipped to handle printing on corrugated shapes at high line speeds, providing reliable and accurate printing of logos and product information.

Installation and Maintenance

IP65 Rated

Our printers are dustproof and waterproof, with positive air pressure preventing outside dust from contaminating the ink stream and clogging the printhead. This ensures reliable operation even in challenging environments.

Small Footprint Solutions

We offer compact printers suitable for bottom-up printing on roofing sheets, addressing space constraints and minimizing installation and maintenance requirements.

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Processing Centers

Steel processing centers have diverse printing requirements, encompassing branding and customer-specified product information. As a result, flexible printing solutions capable of accommodating both fixed and variable data are essential. Here's how our offerings address the needs of processing centers:

By leveraging our cost-competitive, user-friendly, and reliable printing solutions, steel processing centers can effectively meet their diverse printing needs while enhancing operational efficiency and brand protection measures. Our tailored offerings are designed to address the specific challenges faced by processing centers, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

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Cost-Competitive Solutions

We offer competitive pricing for consumables and comprehensive maintenance contracts to ensure predictable operating costs.

Our range of printing technologies allows us to tailor the most cost-effective solutions to meet your specific printing requirements.

Suitable for Long Shutdowns

Our printers are equipped with innovative features that automate proper shutdown procedures, minimizing the need for unnecessary servicing or maintenance during startup.

User-Friendly and Low Maintenance

Designed with the Indian context in mind, our printers feature an intuitive user interface available in major Indian languages, facilitating ease of use.

Minimal maintenance requirements reduce dependency on skilled technical labor, enhancing operational efficiency.

Brand Protection and Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions

Our product specialists can provide customized solutions for brand protection through downstream processing centers, safeguarding against counterfeiting and ensuring brand integrity.

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