Bottled Water

Bottled Water

In the competitive bottled water market, simplicity and affordability are key for coding and marking solutions.

Our advantages in the Bottled Water industry :

Easy to use and maintain machines

Designed for Indian conditions, our printers feature an intuitive interface available in major Indian languages. Low maintenance requirements reduce reliance on skilled technical labor.

PET Bottles

Meeting government print height requirements while controlling operational costs is essential when printing on PET bottles.

Designed for high-speed production lines commonly found in the Indian packaged bottle industry

Reliable performance in demanding environments with dusty and humid conditions

Capable of printing clear and legible codes on various types of bottle packaging materials

Industry-leading print speed to keep up with fast-paced production requirements

Flexible printing options to accommodate different bottle sizes and shapes

Easy integration into existing production lines for seamless operation

User-friendly interface for efficient setup and operation

Low maintenance requirements to minimize downtime and maximize productivity

Compliance with regulatory standards for product traceability and consumer safety

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Low consumables pricing and all-inclusive maintenance contracts

Keep operating costs predictable and affordable.

Robust and Reliable Performance

Our printing solutions are engineered to withstand the demanding conditions of high-speed production lines commonly found in the packaged bottle industry, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.

Versatile Printing Capabilities

We offer versatile printing options that can accommodate various types of bottle packaging materials, including PET, glass, and HDPE, allowing for flexibility in production.

High-Speed Printing

With industry-leading print speed capabilities, our machines can keep pace with the fast-paced production requirements of the packaged bottle industry, minimizing bottlenecks and maximizing throughput.

Flexible Integration

Our printing solutions are designed for easy integration into existing production lines, ensuring seamless operation and minimal disruption to workflow

User-Friendly Interface

Featuring an intuitive and user-friendly interface, our machines are easy to set up and operate, reducing the need for extensive training and enhancing overall efficiency.

Low Maintenance Requirements

With minimal maintenance requirements, our printing solutions help minimize downtime and maintenance costs, ensuring maximum uptime and productivity.

Compliance and Traceability

Our machines are designed to meet regulatory standards for product traceability and consumer safety, providing peace of mind and assurance of compliance in the packaged bottle industry.

Cups and flexible packaging

We provide cost-effective printing solutions to minimize coding and marking costs for large quantities of low-margin products.

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Small footprint coders

Easily integrate into tight spaces on cup lines and Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines.

Versatile Printing Solutions

Our printing machines are equipped to handle a wide range of cup and flexible packaging materials, including paper, plastic, and foil, providing versatility in meeting diverse packaging needs.

High-Speed Printing

With industry-leading print speed capabilities, our machines ensure efficient production processes for cups and flexible packaging, minimizing downtime and maximizing throughput.

Precision Printing

Our machines offer precise printing capabilities, allowing for accurate placement of batch codes, expiration dates, and other essential information on cups and flexible packaging, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Big Bottles

Printing on bottle caps made of untreated HDPE poses challenges due to ink adhesion and print durability, especially considering the frequent handling of large water bottles in the supply chain.

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High-Quality Printing

Our printing solutions ensure high-quality printing on HDPE big bottle caps, providing clear and legible codes, logos, and other essential information.

Specialized inks

Bonds well with untreated plastic and creates a durable print.

Fast and Efficient

With high-speed printing capabilities, our machines can handle the fast-paced production requirements of the HDPE big bottle cap industry, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity.


Our printing solutions are versatile and adaptable to various types of HDPE big bottle caps, including different sizes, shapes, and colors, providing flexibility to meet diverse customer needs.

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Shipper Cartons

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Cost competitive

Cost competitive solutions to minimize per code costs.

Easy to use

All machines feature a large touchscreen and intuitive interface available in English and major Indian languages, reducing training time for operators.

Generic coding solutions

High-resolution carton coders eliminate the need for preprinted cartons and enable online printing of bar codes and additional information.

Integrated weight scale

Allows printing of exact carton weight during packing, enhancing supply chain transparency and reducing product theft.

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