Cable and Wire

Cable and Wire

In the cable and wire industry, clear and reliable coding is crucial for demonstrating product quality.

Our Solution for Cable and Wire Industry

Reliability and low maintenance

Our printers feature automated nozzle cleaning, easy error diagnostics, and automated shutdown procedures, reducing maintenance needs and ensuring reliable operation. In case of any issues, our extensive network of service engineers ensures prompt resolution.

High uptime solutions

Downtime on extrusion lines is costly. Our printers automate routine maintenance tasks, minimizing the need for complex procedures and maximizing uptime. Our after-sale training programs focus on preventive maintenance to reduce breakdowns.

Easy to use

Equipped with large touchscreens and intuitive interfaces supporting major Indian languages, our machines are user-friendly for operators of all skill levels. This facilitates quick learning and minimizes training time for new operators.

IP65 rated printers

Our printers are dustproof and waterproof, with positive air pressure preventing dust contamination and waterproof construction allowing easy cleaning during line cleanup.

Industrial-grade construction

Engineered to withstand harsh conditions, our machines feature stainless steel finishes and heat-resistant electronics, ensuring durability and longevity.

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