Hot Strip Mills and Products

Hot Strip Mills and Products

Overall, BT Print's coding and marking solutions for hot strip products are designed to deliver high-speed, reliable, and versatile marking capabilities to meet the demanding requirements of the steel industry.

Our advantages in this industry

Printer Array Installations for 100% Reliability

To ensure maximum reliability, BT Print offers printer array installations, where printers are arranged in a failure-proof array. In the event of a printer failure, another printer automatically takes over to ensure uninterrupted coding of all products.

Industrial Grade Printers

BT Print's printers are specifically designed to withstand the harsh conditions of hot and dusty environments typically found in steel mills. Their robust construction ensures reliable performance even in challenging operating conditions.

Widest Ink Range in India

BT Print offers the widest range of inks in India, including those suitable for printing through a layer of oil and invisible inks for traceability purposes. This ensures versatility and compatibility with various marking requirements.

Expertise in Pigmented Inks

BT Print has extensive expertise in working with pigmented inks, which are often necessary to achieve good contrast on hot rolled steel surfaces. Their printers are engineered to handle both standard and pigmented inks reliably.

Parent Line Integration

With a wealth of experience integrating printers into existing IT systems in steel mills, BT Print ensures seamless integration for optimal performance. Their expertise in this area streamlines the implementation process and minimizes downtime during integration.

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