In the cable manufacturing industry, reliable coding equipment is essential for producing high-quality, durable codes and minimizing costly downtime.

Our advantages in the Cable industry.

Wide ink range

We offer a variety of pigmented inks with exceptional contrast and strong adhesion, ideal for printing on dark-colored cables. Specialty inks are also available, formulated to bond properly with different cable jacket materials such as PVC, XLPE, Rubber, and PTFE/Teflon.

Lifetime cost efficiency

Our competitive printer pricing, fair and stable consumables pricing, and all-inclusive maintenance contracts ensure that your initial investment and lifetime running costs remain controlled and within budget.

Industry-leading printing speeds

Our printers boast high-speed and precision, allowing for efficient production and minimal delays.

Transfer-resistant inks

Special inks prevent print smudging during cable coiling, ensuring clear and readable codes.

Accurate cable tracking

Integrated encoders track cable speed and position, including reverse motion, ensuring accurate meter markings and properly placed codes.

Wide variety of printing features

Our printers offer tower printing mode and dual serializers, providing flexibility to meet different printing needs.

Local language printing

Our printers support printing in vernacular languages, allowing you to connect with electricians and other stakeholders who may not understand English, enhancing brand recognition in local markets.

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