In the staples sector, coding and marking face challenges such as corrosive dust, cost constraints, and statutory requirements for print height due to large package sizes. Solutions must be robust, cost-effective, and compliant to overcome these obstacles.


Cost-Competitive Solutions

Our competitive pricing for consumables and comprehensive maintenance contracts help keep operating costs low and predictable. We provide a variety of printing technologies to match the most cost-effective solutions to your specific needs.

User-Friendly Design

Our machines feature large 10.1 touchscreens and intuitive graphical user interfaces, making them easy to use for operators of all skill levels. The interface supports major Indian languages, facilitating ease of operation for non-English speakers and reducing training time for new operators.

Durable Construction

Our machines are IP65 rated with stainless steel, dust, and waterproof construction. Positive air pressure prevents dust contamination and clogging, while waterproof construction allows for easy cleaning during line washdowns. Additionally, corrosion-resistant treatment minimizes wear and tear from corrosive dust, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Flexible Packaging (1, 2, and 5kg Packages)

Printing on nonporous packaging material, such as flexible packaging, demands specialized inks that can adhere effectively to the surface and maintain legibility throughout the entire supply chain.

At BT Print, we understand the unique requirements of printing on flexible packaging. Our printers are equipped with specially formulated inks that ensure strong adhesion and long-lasting readability on these surfaces. Whether you're packaging 1kg, 2kg, or 5kg products, our coding solutions are designed to meet your specific needs.

With our wide range of locally manufactured printing solutions, we can offer you a cost-effective printing solution that minimizes both your initial investment and ongoing running costs. Trust BT Print for reliable and efficient coding on your flexible packaging, ensuring your products stand out and maintain their integrity throughout the distribution process.

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Large Bags (Jute, Woven, HDPE)

Printing on large bags presents unique challenges due to their size and material. At BT Print, we provide comprehensive solutions tailored specifically for printing on jute, woven, and HDPE bags.

Our printers are designed to handle the complexities of printing on large bags, ensuring precise and consistent printing results every time. In addition, we offer integrated handling systems that align and transport the bags through the printing station, further enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

With BT Print, you can trust that your large bag printing needs are met with precision and reliability, helping you maintain product quality and consistency throughout your operations.

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Generic Coding

Simplify your packaging process with our generic coding solutions. BT Print offers high-resolution coders capable of printing barcodes and product identity information directly onto generic bags and packages.

By eliminating the need for multiple pre-printed bags, you can streamline your inventory management and reduce costs associated with stocking various packaging materials. Our coders provide crisp, clear printing, ensuring that your products are accurately labeled and ready for distribution.

With BT Print's generic coding solutions, you can enhance efficiency, minimize waste, and maintain optimal inventory levels, ultimately saving time and resources in your packaging operations.

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Achieve precise and reliable coding on sachets with BT Print's advanced printing solutions. Our printers are equipped with specialized features to ensure accurate printing on flexible and small packaging materials like sachets.

With BT Print, you can customize your coding requirements to meet various packaging sizes and materials. Our high-resolution coders guarantee clear and legible prints, even on the smallest of sachets, ensuring product information and barcodes are accurately conveyed to customers.

Streamline your packaging process and enhance brand visibility with BT Print's efficient and versatile coding solutions for sachets.

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Shipper Cartons

Ensure your shipping cartons convey essential information clearly and accurately with BT Print's coding solutions. Our printers are designed to meet the demands of high-volume production environments, providing reliable and efficient coding on shipper cartons of all sizes.

With BT Print, you can customize your coding to include vital details such as product information, barcodes, batch numbers, and expiration dates. Our advanced printing technology ensures crisp, legible prints that withstand handling and transportation, maintaining traceability throughout the supply chain.

Optimize your packaging operations and enhance logistics efficiency with BT Print's reliable coding solutions for shipper cartons. Trust in our expertise to deliver consistent and professional results for all your shipping needs.

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