The pharmaceutical industry operates under strict regulation, with compliance being the top priority in printing requirements. To protect patients from counterfeit medicines, track and trace solutions spanning the entire supply chain are essential.

Here are our advantages in the healthcare industry

GS1 compliant data matrix codes and barcodes

Our printers support the printing of GS1 compliant data matrix codes and barcodes, ensuring adherence to industry standards.

Flexible printing solutions for regulatory compliance

Pharmaceutical labeling regulations vary globally. Our high-resolution printers enable printing of a wide variety of traceability codes to meet diverse regulatory requirements. Multiple-level user access and interface compatibility with computer systems ensure compliance with regulations

Human and machine-readable codes

Our printers produce high-quality prints that are easily readable by both humans and machines, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in tracking and identification.

Non-hazardous inks

We offer a range of non-hazardous inks suitable for pharmaceuticals and medical devices, prioritizing safety and compliance with industry standards.

Compliance with strict hygiene standards

Our IP65 rated printers are completely waterproof and can withstand line wash downs. Positive air pressure inside the machines prevents dust contamination, maintaining hygiene standards.

Printing in any language

Pharmaceutical products must be coded in languages understood by customers. Our printers support printing in all UNICODE languages, including major languages of the Indian subcontinent, enhancing accessibility and comprehension.

High-resolution printers

Our printers enable the printing of large amounts of information in small spaces, ensuring clear and concise labeling. Integration with existing IT systems: Our printers seamlessly integrate with most ERP systems, with customized solutions available for non-supported IT systems, facilitating efficient data management and workflow integration.

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