Steel and Metal

Steel and Metal

For steel and metal mills, BT Print provides industrial-grade printing solutions tailored to meet diverse requirements, from tiny wires to large ingots. Here are the advantages BT Print offers in this industry:

Our advantages in this industry

IP65 Rated Printers

BT Print's printers are designed to withstand the challenging conditions of steel and metal mills. They are dustproof and waterproof, ensuring reliable performance even in dusty environments.

Industrial Grade Construction

With features like stainless steel finish and heat-resistant electronics, BT Print's machines are built to endure the harsh conditions of steel and metal manufacturing facilities, including exposure to high heat from furnaces.

User-Friendly Interface

BT Print's machines are equipped with large touchscreens and intuitive graphical user interfaces. They support multiple languages, including English and major Indian languages, making them easy to use for operators of all skill levels and reducing the training time for new operators.

Reliability and Low Maintenance

BT Print's printers are designed for reliability and low maintenance requirements. Features like automated nozzle cleaning, error diagnostics, and shutdown procedures minimize downtime and maintenance efforts, ensuring continuous operation in steel and metal mills.

Fade-Resistant Inks

BT Print offers fade-resistant inks that can withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight. This is particularly important for steel products stored outdoors for extended periods.

Overall, BT Print's industrial-grade printing solutions provide steel and metal mills with reliable, efficient, and durable coding and marking solutions to meet their diverse printing needs while operating in challenging environments.

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