Coding confectionery packages poses challenges like sugar particles and fast production lines. BT Print offers reliable solutions for precise coding, even in challenging environments. Our printers ensure clear codes, fast printing, and seamless integration, enhancing efficiency and compliance. Trust BT Print for your confectionery coding needs.

Our advantages in the confectionery industry

Zero or near-zero drying time

Our technology ensures codes dry instantly or very quickly, preventing smudging even on high-speed packaging lines.

Easy-to-use interface

Equipped with a large touchscreen and intuitive graphical user interface, our machines support multiple languages, simplifying operation for operators of all skill levels.

Durable codes

Our printers produce codes and marks that withstand frequent handling throughout long supply chains, ensuring legibility and durability.

Individually packaged candies

Typically retailing in the Rs. 1-5 range, require cost-effective coding and marking solutions that don't compromise on quality.

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Our advantages in the individually packaged candy lines application include

Cost competitive solutions

We offer cost-effective coding solutions to minimize per code costs and capital investment, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality.

High-speed coding systems

Our high-speed coding systems are suitable for multi-lane lines or lines packaging 2000 or more units per minute, ensuring efficient and seamless operation.

Specialized inks

We provide specialized inks designed for creating durable codes on adhesion-resistant materials, ensuring clear and long-lasting codes on every package.

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Cans, pouches and jars

For cans, pouches, and jars, our printing solutions offer unparalleled versatility and efficiency:

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Our advantages in the Cans, pouches and jars

Versatile printing capabilities

Our printers can efficiently code on various packaging formats, including cans, pouches, and jars, ensuring consistent and high-quality printing on each surface.

Rapid printing speeds

With our high-speed printing technology, we can achieve rapid printing rates to match the fast-paced production lines commonly found in canning and packaging facilities.

Precision and clarity

Our printers deliver precise and clear codes, ensuring that essential information such as batch numbers, expiration dates, and barcodes are accurately printed on each package.

Compatibility with different inks

We offer a wide range of inks suitable for different packaging materials, ensuring optimal adhesion and durability of the printed codes on cans, pouches, and jars.

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Display and promotional packaging

For display and promotional packaging, we ensure that your products stand out while meeting all coding requirements:

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Our advantages in the Display and promotional packaging

Seamless integration

Our coding solutions seamlessly integrate with display and promotional packaging, ensuring that essential codes are incorporated without detracting from the overall package design.

Durable and fade-resistant codes

We use advanced ink formulations to create codes that resist fading over time and withstand frequent handling, ensuring long-lasting readability.

Compliance with standards

Our coding solutions ensure that all necessary traceability codes, including barcodes and batch numbers, are accurately printed according to industry standards.

Enhanced brand visibility

By offering clear and legible codes, we enhance brand visibility and ensure that your products make a lasting impression on consumers.

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In sachets and other single-serving packaging applications, we provide several advantages:

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Our advantages in the Sachets

Cost-effective solutions

Our coding solutions are designed to minimize per-code costs, ensuring cost competitiveness for your production line.

Specialized handling systems

We offer specialized handling systems tailored for multi-lane production lines, ensuring efficient and accurate printing across multiple lanes simultaneously.

Specialized inks

Our advanced ink formulations are specifically engineered to print on adhesion-resistant materials commonly used in sachets and single-serving packaging, guaranteeing clear and durable codes.

Small footprint systems

Our compact coding systems are designed to fit seamlessly into production lines where space is limited, enabling easy integration without compromising efficiency.

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