Fresh and Frozen Foods

Fresh and Frozen Foods

Printing codes on fresh and frozen food packages comes with unique challenges due to harsh conditions, sub-zero temperatures, condensation, variable product weights, and strict hygiene standards.

Our advantages in the fresh and frozen food industry :

Printers engineered for low temperatures

Our printers designed for low temperatures include heaters in the print head, ensuring proper ink viscosity and optimal ink flow.

Direct integration with weighing scale

The scale sends product weight directly to the printer, which calculates and prints the price on the package.

IP65 rated, stainless steel, dust and waterproof construction

Waterproof construction allows the machines to be hosed during a regular line wash down. The smooth, aseptic stainless steel surface prevents microorganism adhesion.

Specialized inks

Formulated to resist condensation, freezing and thawing as well as ice forming on top of the print.

Generic coding

Generic coding solutions can save money for frozen food businesses by printing barcodes and product details directly on standard packages. Our high-resolution coders from BT Print are designed for this purpose.

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Flexible Packaging

For flexible packaging like pouches and flow wraps, printing can be challenging. However, Control Print offers tailored solutions specifically designed for this application.

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Advantages of Flexible Packaging

Fast drying inks and printing solutions

Our solutions are designed to meet the demands of fast-moving packaging lines, ensuring that codes dry quickly and accurately.

Durable codes

We provide codes and marks that are resilient and can withstand the rigors of handling throughout long supply chains, ensuring legibility and traceability.

Small footprint systems

Our compact systems are designed to fit seamlessly into production lines where space is limited, allowing for efficient integration without sacrificing performance.

Display and promotional packaging

When it comes to coding display and promotional packages, we prioritize two key factors:

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Advantages of Display and promotional packaging

Aesthetic integration

Our coding solutions ensure that the codes seamlessly blend with the packaging artwork, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the display packages without causing distraction. We meticulously ensure that the codes meet all requirements while maintaining the integrity of the packaging design.

Durability and longevity

Our codes are designed to withstand the test of time and resist fading, ensuring that they remain legible and functional throughout the product's lifecycle. Additionally, our solutions are engineered to withstand repeated handling, ensuring that the codes maintain their clarity and readability even after multiple interactions.

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Shipper Cartons

In shipper carton applications, our offerings stand out for several reasons:

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Advantages of Display and promotional packaging

Cost-Effective Solutions

We provide competitive solutions to minimize per-code costs, ensuring that your coding needs are met without breaking the bank.

User-Friendly Interface

Our machines feature large touchscreens and intuitive graphical interfaces, making them easy to operate for users of all skill levels. With support for major Indian languages, operators can quickly familiarize themselves with the equipment, reducing training time significantly.

Generic Coding Solutions

Our high-resolution carton coders eliminate the need for preprinted cartons, allowing for on-demand printing of bar codes and additional information. This flexibility streamlines inventory management and reduces storage costs.

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