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24 Dec

Various technology in printing Date, Batch number and expiry date.

The use of machines have always helped men to do their jobs fast. It has not only saved time but has also simplified the style of work. What men can do in days, machines do in hours.

In every product that you buy from the market has a batch number, manufacturing date, expiry date, etc. which gives you the knowledge of the time of production of the product and its value.

Why Batch number is important?

The batch number should be placed on the product that is being manufactured. Every product should have this number as per the regulations of a country. This number is important at the time of inquiry of the product. If the product has to be returned then also at that time the batch number is verified.

There are different types of batch printing machines available in the market. Each of these machines’ work is ultimately one and that is to print. The quality and the way of printing may vary from one to another. Some of the types are:

This was usually done from the primitive age. Since the time the mechanism of printing appeared, people used to do it with their hands, though the machines used have changed over the time. Now a days, the machines have changed.

  • Automatic Batch Printing Machine

This runs automatically with the help of the switches. Once started, it will run on its own and will complete the process.

  • Semi-Automatic Batch Printing Machine

The machine is in high demand and the quality of the material is very good.

  • Contact Batch Printing Machine

This can be operated with a touch and is far more advanced form of the machine.

  • Non-Contact Batch Printing Machine

This is a non-contact Batch Printing Machine and is also in good demand. This does not use any contact throughout the process and uses a beam or a spray to mark.

  • Inkjet Printers

The inkjet printers work on ink and delivers fast production. The ink used to print graphics, texts, and images of various kinds.

  • Thermal Printers

These printers use a thermal print head and supply the ink from a ribbon to the place where the print is required.

It is most important for a machine to work seamlessly. It has to provide continuous service in order to cover up more and more number of products and this is what is expected from a profitable business.

Date coding machines are important for all range of products. All products have a manufacturing date as well as an expiry date and for this the Date coding machine is very important. The date coding is done either on a plastic or on a paper. Package date include important information on the packet. There can be an alphanumeric text, numbers being sequenced, automated dates, time etc. available on the product. 

These machines are made up of best quality material and can be easily used by any skilled person. These are very useful machines and can be used very easily by following the steps. Selection type depends on the kind of your use.


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