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21 Dec

How Automatic batch printing machine prints on packaged drinking water or juice bottles.

The type of the printing machines depends on the kind of use. They work differently for the same purpose and their work method varies from one another. An Inkjet printer is a computer operated printing machine that uses an ink to create the digital image on the paper and bring out the print. This technology was in extensive use in the 50s but has developed over the time and has been in demand for years.

Printing with inkjet technology on bottles

Printing on the bottles is not an easy work. There are a lot of challenges that come up while printing on the bottles. The surface of a bottle is different. It is not a flat one and is round or curve in shape. Most of the surfaces of the bottles on which printing is done are coloured. Many manufacturing companies use bottles to sell their products like various types of drinks, shampoo, oil, sauce, chemicals etc. On every product there is a print of manufacturing date, expiry date and other details.

Bottle inkjet printer helps in printing the details with the help of inkjet technology on the surface of the bottles. The type of plastic material differs from one another. Usually polycarbonate or polystyrene materials are generally used for making the plastic bottles. The different kind of plastic materials need different approach with the Bottle inkjet printer.

The Automatic Batch Coding Machine is used for the following purposes:

  • Printing of batch numbers, manufacturing and expiry dates, price of the product etc.
  • Putting some extra information about the product
  • Putting the price tag and other special offers associated with the product.

As the name suggests the Automatic Batch Coding Machine is used to print without much help. Once started, it will print on the details to be imprinted automatically. It uses high quality ink to print over the details on the product. The different kinds of machines that are used in printing are:

  • Continuous inkjet printer
  • Laser marking machines
  • Thermal inkjet printer
  • Thermal transfer overprinter
  • Label Printer

The price of the printers varies from one to another. The work of the printers remains the same though the production quality and manner will vary from another. There are advantages and disadvantages of every kind of printer and based on this, one will have to decide the exact type that is suitable for one Automatic Batch Coding Machine to another. Thus, the choice also depends on the budget one is fixing for buying a coding machine.

The Automatic Batch Coding Machine uses a beam or a spray to print and does not come in contact throughout the process except the TTO and TIJ. The product on which the printing work is to be done is placed on a conveyor belt and then the printing work is done. The belt moves constantly at a speed. There is a sensor that senses the moving product and responses by printing on the product. This is how the work is done.

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