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14 Aug

Handheld Batch coding machine and its applicability

The cost of print head made with piezo technology is very high. However, the usage cost per print is relatively low as the head and ink are separate. The biggest disadvantage is if the nozzle gets blocked, cost of dredging or replacing the print head is very high. So,

The cost benefit of a piezo technology is dependent on the volume of production and what you are printing on the substrate.

Thermal inkjet based hand coder, is cartridge based where technically you are changing the head along with the ink, every time you change the cartridge. Basic operating principle is heating of the ink through application of voltage and subsequent firing of ink because of the expansion.

They fire very small droplet of ink resulting in a very high resolution print as high as 600 dpi. This technology is quite old and reliable for printing variable information like QR Code , Barcode, Date of manufacturing , expiry date and batch number.

Which kind of application is suitable for hand held inkjet printer:

  • Flat surface for outer box coding both paper box and laminated box typically used for tertiary or secondary packing. This can be a easy replacement of labels which are expensive. Through a handheld inkjet printer you can directly print on the box eliminating the label. Application of this can be pharma industry, export , FMCG , food and beverages, Metal steel etc.
  • This can be used for marking for traceability purpose in case coding – like printing variable information and batch code in shrink pack cases and can be ideal cost effective solution in a beverage industry – both packed mineral water bottle or juice bottle.


  • For printing on PP bags which are used to pack fish feed , seed , rice and wheat. For a typical volume of 2000 bags /day, this can be an ideal solution to print the batch code, MRP, Best before etc. However, before selecting one must see the adhesion or ink bonding with the substrate.


  • One of the most widely used application is printing on the pouches , where an entrepreneur has just started the operation and has quite a low volume and has a budget constrain.


  • At times, they are directly mounted on the packing machine or in a conveyor through a stand and are used to print in an onlike opertion the mandatory code for date, batch number and MRP. This can be a solution for a very slow semi automatic kind of production process set up.


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Advantage of handheld inkjet printer:

  • Mobile and you can carry with you wherever you want.
  • High resolution print – 600 dpi. You will get 100% readable barcode /QR code and can print logo and graphics.
  • Very easy to use. You do not need trained operator to use this printer.
  • There is no regular maintenance required for hand coder. No preventive maintenance recommended.
  • You don’t need an expert to install this printer. Very easy to install and use.
  • Clean technology – as inks come in cartridge and no spill or pouring of ink on the roller etc.
  • With every ink cartridge , you are replacing the print head. So reliability of getting crisp print increases manifold.


What precaution should I take of cartridge while using the hand held inkjet printer:

  • That’s the most important point one has to remember while using handheld thermal inkjet (TIJ) printer. During printing if you observe the quality of print is not sharp or you are not getting complete code printed , this has to do with the cartridge. One or multiple nozzle may have got clogged and the best way is to clean the nozzle with a lint free soft cloth moistened by BT Print cleaner / or proper recommended solvent. Process of cleaning involves slow wiping across the long axis, while the print cartridge is facing down. For more details, we can always guide you with a video.  Important thing you should always remember while cleaning the ink cartridge :
    • Do not apply excessive force
    • Do not use dry or abrasive cloth .This may put scratches in the nozzle
    • Do not use a cloth a cloth with lint and the solvent that contains high percent of suspended particle. This would damage the nozzle permanently.
    • Do not shake the Cartridge. That would create a pressure and damage the nozzle.


  • Storage of cartridge …
    • For Short term storing ( less than 1 day) you have to keep the cap on the cartridge. Capping prevents the ink from drying or any fine dust particle from blocking the nozzle. End of usage, its always recommended to clean wipe the cartrige with recommended solvent or alternately can use BT Print solvent along with lint free soft clothes.
    • For long term storing ( more than one day) Its mandatory to wipe clean the cartridge with the recommended solvent or BT Print Solvent moistened in a soft lint free cloth and Cap firmly placed in the cartridge. Cartridge should be stored in a cold place . Avoid direct exposure to sunlight or heat. That may permanently damage the cartridge.


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