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12 Oct

Why do we need Batch Printing equipment?

Batch printing printers put the variable information on your product – like MRP, Date of Packing, expiry date, batch no etc, which helps your consumer to know the details. The mentioned information is mandatory and needs to be legible till it reaches your consumer.

So, this piece of equipment is critical in your production process and need to be sturdy, cost efficient and easy to operate. As this type of printing is needed in different production houses, therefore, it is easy to estimate that the demand of this printer will be high enough in the market. From printing information on laminated or on varnished or on poly bags, tins, cartoons, plastic bottles and jars, cotton bags, etc. to printing information on other solid materials becomes possible with the use of this machine.

Batch printing , while its integral to the production process can be challanging to choose. There are wide variety of technologies available for coding the date of manufacturing, Batch number , Best before usage or expiry date in the product. Widely used technology in the market is CIJ or continious Inkjet printer. They are very varsatile and can print literally on any substrate of any shape product. They can be used for printing in packaged drinking water bottles, Carbonated juice, fruit juice packed in tertra pack , PET bottles or even in glass bottles. They can be even mounted on high speed Horizontal flow wrap machine - typically used for packing bakery products like Biscuits , Cake and other bakery products. Even in vertical form fill machine typically used to pack Salty snacks, Tea, spices etc CIJ printers can be mounted. For marking logo and meter marking in wires and cable, pipies , irrigation pipes , CIJ are mounted directly in the extrusion line and get seamlessly integrated with the production process. CIJ Printers are very widely used and thry are many players in the market. BT Print helps to address the need of Batch code printing with highly reliable date coder of Citronix which are tailor made for your requirement.  CIJ technology can print on the substarte while your product is moving from a distance of 12 - 16 mm at a very high speed. They spray the ink on the substarte through a nozzle which is typically 60 - 75 micron in size. The ink which is charged , goes through a drop generator , which breaks the jet into drop and pass that drop theough a charge tunnel and deflect the charge drops in a high voltage field. The charged drop which is deflected prints on the moving substrate. 


Before you choose your batch coder, you need to understand few basics about your production line –

1) Is your production process automated?

2) What is the substrate?

3) How many lines of code do you need? 

4) How many products / minutes?

5) How many hours you are going to operate?

If you have a automated prodction line they the versatile CIJ printers can be your probable solution. Flip side of the CIJ technology is running cost. Typically if your daily production is more than 20000 products / 8 hours , then the most economical technology would be CIJ printers. Once you have finalised on the technology, then reamins what CIJ printer would serve your need. Typically the requiremnt is either 3 or 4 line of batch code. Depening on the number of line you have different models.  Once you have chosen the model, you have to calculate how much it is going to cost you to print one product. The running cost typically comprises of Make up additive ( used to maintain Viscosity) , Ink , cleaning solution, FIlters and Service cost. Its always adviseable to calcutate the cost per print before you finalise the model and brand. There is a wide variation in running cost - and we at BT Print help customer in calculating the cost per print before you make the purchase decesion.

We at BT Print help you in identifying the right technology, right model with accurate cost calculation for your MRP Print, Date code and Batch print.

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